Saturday, June 29, 2013

Deidre's Death Lizzy Ford

I was all like 'YAY I get to see how Gabe's story ends,' when Heather got to the end of the bookie a little surprise was waiting for her, you guessed it guys a damn cliffhanger. Let's just say Heather is not impressed with Ms. Elizabeth right at this particular moment as I WANTED AN ENDING!! I liked the story, and I missed my Gabe so SO much, "don't take this the wrong way," he started, studying her. "Who the eff are you?" (so bada** I know) He's just all hot and mhmm when he's pi**** off, "my mate trusts the Dark One over me to help her. It's a s***ty way to start things off." I'd say! Rhyn it is always good to see his sexiness anywhere, "go get your woman. I'll see you at the castle." So bossy! I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for the Deidre that's trying to win Gabe over or laugh in her face (not sure I have any remorse right now) "I'm not sure I can keep up with her. She tried on every piece of clothing today and took five baths to test the different soaps. She discovered the toaster this afternoon. She used it to warm up her socks. Nearly caused a fire." So needless to say I will probably NOT kill Lizzy as I kind of need her alive to write the next book so I see how s*** goes down. BUT I'm still mad at you Lizzy! 

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