Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Real by Katy Evans

Wholy s***-balls LOVED this book, Remy you sexy big piece of hunka-hunka burning love I FREAKIN' LOVE YOU!! ALrighty Brooke you girl are something else, "we telepathically communicated, and he says he wants to take me home to be the mother of his sexy babies." Brooke she's a great friend and gives it to ya straight, "Melanie, right now you think McDonald's is hot, and you barfed when you saw supersize me and have banned it ever since. Your breath smells like vodka and quarter pounder." The one thing you have to know about Mr. Remy is that the boy is possessive or protective or both when it comes to Brooke, "for the love of effing god, don't ever, ever, do that again. EVER. If one of them sets a hand on you, I'll effing kill them, and I won't give a rat's eff who watches me!" He does whatever it takes to make it right in Brooke's eyes, "next time I'm on the ring, I'm going to effing win for her, and I want all of you who hurt her tonight to bring her a red rose and tell her it's from me!" Remy I love you and that is all! 

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