Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Picture Perfect by Alessandra Thoman

I liked reading this book, it was something I, myself could relate to and not many books have that aspect. I know what Cat's going through, I mean I know that she's not my size but I feel for her and that's why I loved Nate he made her feel special and I mean come on ladies we all want that in life, you know someone that loves us for who we are and not our size, "well, you were beautiful. I mean, you are beautiful. But you were really gorgeous with your clothes off. I mean, you're gorgeous now. I mean...Oh God." Nate is also so courteous, "where I come from, a guy always pats for the first date." He is also one to get all flustered around Cat, there's not many guys out there that get flustered, "I'm really glad I got to spend some time with you, while you had your clothes on. Not that I mind it when you have your clothes off. I mean...oh s***." Nate is also a looker ladies can't go wrong in that department (winks) "abs. Everywhere. Two gorgeous columns of muscle stacked above his navel. Pecs that begged to be bitten. Preferably while his hands squeezed my a**."  

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