Thursday, May 30, 2013

Claiming her Geeks by Eve Langlais

So you know me and pretty covers, I can't help but read them. Oh Deena, girl you and I are gonna get along splendidly, "I won't spend my life with a man who makes me want to rip out his throat because I can't stop yawning." Oh. My. God. Deena has balls and I loved that, "I don't know why you smell so good, but it's making me wet, and you can't deny you feel it too." Good lord she does have balls, "we are going back to my room, where I am going to ride you, my geeky wolf, and wrong you dry." She's also a cocky thing, I'm not sure if I like that with my female characters, "I rocked his world," she replied nonchalantly. "It happens. It doesn't mean it's the mating fever." 

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