Sunday, May 26, 2013

Melody's Wolf by Mina Carter

This novella was an interesting read, normally they can't keep my attention, but when you have a hot, half-naked man on the cover whose in a band of course I have to read it. Mel's brother is just something else he's funny as hell, "yes, Mel. I mean 'as in sex.' The horizontal tango. Doing the dirty. Knocking boots. Whatever name you want to call it." Aaron he's just all kinds of hot, "his unbuttoned shirt revealed a toned chest and ripped six pack." The way he talks is like sex on two legs, "no, kitten, you shouldn't. My name is Aaron." Mel is also just as blunt as her brother, "you might as well ditch the cover-up. Unless you're shy of course. Dressed like that though, I wouldn't have figured you for the retiring type." He wants kids guys that's so sweet! "kitten, I'm not bothered about getting you pregnant. If you let me, I'd claim you forever and give you as many kids as you wanted." That is the sweetest guys! Even though this book was short it was a fun read! 

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