Sunday, May 26, 2013

Broken Promises by Dawn Pendleton

Been wanting to read this bad boy for awhile now! Mallory is a responsible girl, "dad, relax. I settled everything before I drove up. The bank granted me a leave of absence. You know I would never leave without getting things in order." You can tell there's some s*** going down and on between Ms. Mallory and Mr. Luke, "that's right, princess, not all of us get a free ride to college and a job that pays gobs of money and takes up so much of our time that we don't have time to pay a visit to our dying father." Nothing like hitting below the belt Luke but it's okay because she snaps right back up and kicks you while your down, "you thought I knew? You thought so little of me that you believed I would leave my dying father alone for all these years? You thought I was just some spoiled little girl running away from Daddy's cancer? I didn't know, and if I had, I would have stayed. I hope, though, that I would have had the good sense to dump you, even if I hadn't gone to Boston. You're a nothing, just like every generation of deadbeats before you. Get out of this house." I'd say they have some issues but when they're sweet to each it's really cute, "I have never, ever been more turned on or wanted to make love to a woman so badly." He grinned." I liked this book lots of drama, but there were those sweet moments as well.

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