Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sarah's Surrender by Lynda Chance

Once I read that John-boy was a 'alpha' that's all I needed to know to read the book. He intrigues me a lot, "Did the good people of Duluth, Texas believe he wasn't already sharing his wealth? Did they think he kept his millions to himself and never supported even the smallest charity? he gave all right, and very generously so." Sarah is quote the character and I fell in love with her instantly, "he was looking down at her as if her gasoline wasn't the only thing he'd like to pump." John likes sex he thinks about it a lot and I find this amusing, "he had only three thoughts banging around his brain. Who the hell was she, where did she live, and how fast he could possibly get her naked and horizontal on a flat surface?" He's also very upfront, "you're not married, I'm not married. So we met at a gas station. How am I supposed to see you again if you leave me now without anything." John is kind of snippy when he's pi****, "are you kidding me, lady? You think you have some kind of right to ask me personal questions?" John is ALL alpha, "I'm not going to share you with anybody. I'm damn sure not going to share you with an ex-fiance'" John is such a possessive man, "you eff with what's mine and you'll live to regret it."  

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