Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kiss This by Hadley Quinn

I've never laughed so hard, I almost peed my pants that's how entertaining this story is. Camryn is a character all on her own, "you mean the nine stupid flights of stairs?" She scoffed. "Yeah, I made them my bi***." Teague he's just a gentlemen in his own type of way, "whatever. I feel okay talking about a girl's a** but not her chest, okay?" He's such a funny guy, "well I kind of jumped out from behind the jeep to surprise you." She gave him a blank stare until he added, "I'm kidding. I didn't see you, either." He wants to be the only man in her life (which is sweet) "you'd have to quit, because there's no way in effing hell that I would ever let any guy see you like that. In fact, if your boy toy has it in his effed up head that he's getting in your pants when you get back, I'm gonna shove his di** down his own throat." So sweet guys really it is. Camryn is also a funny girl, "fine. But only if you win our bet. I'll add story time as a bonus as you lie on your half of the bed all by your naked self." Teague really doesn't have any patience either, "Jesus Christ, woman. I'm gonna jack myself off if you don't get with it." Typical man can't ever wait for the good stuff always impatient. Needless to say this book is a keeper and one I need to get in paperback, yes that's how much I enjoyed it.

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