Sunday, May 26, 2013

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Chaotic by C.A. Williams

Della seriously had to grow on me she was just out of control, "don't worry mother. I'm not being stupid about it, I'm on birth control, and whichever penis I pick is most certainly wrapped. So when I feel the urge to spread my legs, just know I'm being one hundred percent safe." With Nash you see a different side of Della one that I really liked, "oh, please," I snorted. "I used to let you win so you wouldn't run off pouting to your mom like a baby because a girl beat you." I mean he's certainly a looker as well, "he wasn't buff like some weightlifter, but her was lean and tight in all of the right places. He tugged on the gray pajama pants he was wearing, to reveal a pair of black boxer briefs." Then there's Justin, and you know when you have a keeper when he doesn't give two hoots about morning breath, "I really could care less." Justin is a caring person, "well," he finally said. "I'm a little pissed that you didn't tell me sooner, and I'm a little pissed at your mom. Who seriously acts like that? I don't know how I'm going to prepare myself to meet that woman. she sounds like a real b****." Halfway through the book and I didn't know if I was team Nash or Team Justin that's just how sweet, kind, and caring both guys are. Justin says the sweetest things, "c'mon princess," he yelled into the bathroom. "You know I think you look beautiful with or without makeup, we don't have time for your primping s***." Justin knows what to say to get your heart racing "you are so effing beautiful right now. So sweet." his thumb landed on my cheek, brushing it softly. "But this is going to be rough and hard, baby. Because I can tell that's what we both need right now." I didn't like how it ended and I'm still not sure if I'm team Nash or Team Justin although I'm leaning more to team Justin as Nash is just to he upsets me. 

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