Friday, May 24, 2013

Breathe Me by Alexia Purdy

As always I fell in love with Sasha, just like all the other men Alexia writes about (she just makes them so dreamy,) "the hell you are. You're shivering, like a wet terrier. If heights aren't your thing why in the world did you hop on the Ferris wheel? You never did like it." We know that Sasha and Piper have a past (which makes things totally more interesting) but what we didn't know was how badly it hurt Piper, "you said you're sorry. Okay. Fine. I can respect that;. Once we get off this ride, we go on with our lives and your torment ends. I'm so happy for you." What really made me love Sasha was the fact that he wasn't gonna give up on this girl, "Piper, I want another chance. I'll make it right, I swear. You'll never be sorry if you give me another chance to love you the way you deserve. I won't be the fool this time. I'll be there, no matter what the cost. I swear it." What is a story without a cray-cray sister who you can't help but love, "what were you thinking? You slept with him and then you ran away like a frightened kitty when he makes you breakfast and treats you like a queen? What the hell is the matter with you?" Another great story from Alexia I really loved it.

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