Friday, May 24, 2013

Maverick by Anna Cruise

I think this is the first book that Anna has put very naughty scenes in well I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Kellen as we know is a guy and well I guess he's a boob man, "she did have cleavage. Very nice cleavage." Gina doesn't take Kellen's bada** attitude she gives it right back to him, "do you have anything else to say besides OK? Anything more than one syllable?" Gina is an interesting character underneath this tough exterior you know she's been through some crap in her life and she tries to always remain professional. "I kinda figured. One will be delivered to you tomorrow," she said. "And, yes, you're paying for that, too." Kellen has this way about him that ladies can't help but fall in love with and Gina is no exception, "you're a hell of a lot better looking than Heath," I said and she blushed even more. "Maybe I'll stick with date. Makes me sound less 'available'." He's also a very vocal person, "I don't wanna do anything this early in the morning except sleep." He closed his eyes. "And have sex with you. Those two things." I read Anna's other bookie, "It Was You" and I enjoyed it but this one I enjoyed so much more.

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