Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wild Man by Kristen Ashley

Oh my word Brock Lucas is something else, "no," he bit off. "I was angry with you, seein' as I effed my woman for the first effin' time, she made me a promise when my cum was still inside her and then just hours later she reneged on that promise. Now I'm here 'cause there's a goddamned for sale sign planted in your front lawn and I walk in here and see you lookin' like this so gotta say, babe, I'm not angry. I'm effin' pissed." 'Alpha' male all the way. He cares for his woman deeply I mean why else would he act the way he does, "yeah, babe, that was me throwing a chair against the wall." I like how Tess talks about Brock it really makes me smile, "I could see that Brock was a man, all man, his space was his space, his s*** was his s*** and he did not appreciate the intrusion and that intrusion signifying a trio of women taking care of a forty-five year old man." Brock is VERY protective, "Maybe you'll do me a favor and go outside for your tantrum instead of havin' it in front of my boys and my woman."  

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