Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Curse of the Rose by J.A. Lynch

First off this bookie is DEFINITELY for older readers, no younger ones that would be a no-no because some material is naughty and I mean very naughty (winks.) Even after finishing the novella I'm not sure what I think of Batar, at times he seems sweet, "Bianka," he whispered. "You know you could never outrun me, not in a million lifetimes." Other times he's an a**, "Grabbing hold of my wrist, he bent it backwards, and I was almost sure I heard the bone snap." And he sometimes says the cruelest things I hope this isn't how he shows his affections, "You need to remember your place around here. What we do together does not carry any weight whilst we are in court. This is my territory Bianka - take care to remember that." Bianka has I think some issues from when she was made and I guess I was sort of glad when she did what she did to her maker, "You believe yourself to be something beyond anything we, your mere servants have ever encountered, yet you just became nothing more than a simpering fool, a puppet in my hands." The king was... he just needs to die, "Enough with your insolence," the King shouted as his voice echoed throughout the hall. "The guards will take you to your chamber." Like seriously rude much? Just my luck this is a mini-series people so what does that mean, nasty cliffhangers that leave you wanting to kill J.A.   

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