Monday, April 22, 2013

Rock my Bed by Michelle Valentine

First impression of Riff, well he's certainly ballsy, "Riff smirks his eyes trail over my my body unabashedly, lingering a good while on my breasts beneath my form fitting halter-top. "Your boobs are amazing" (Riff is more vulgar but Amazon doesn't like what Riff calls ta-tas) Yep ballsy. I like being in Riff's mind his thoughts are pretty vulgar haha, "She's unbelievably sexy, has a rack I would give my left nut to get in my mouth..." Yea totally vulgar but I love it! Riff can sometimes be the sweetest guy, I guess you just need the right person to bring it out in you, "you're different, and real. If I only get one night with you, I want to feel you, every inch of you." Riff sometimes says stupid crap and putting himself down and telling Aubrey it is really just well stupid, "I'm the guy women have fun with, not the one they settle down with. I'm no good for you, Kitten. Trust me. I'm a one man heart-wrecking crew." Riff is someone who states how he feels (in some situations) "Jesus. Are you sure you want to go out. I'm sporting a half-wood just looking at you." He's possessive, "You're mine, Kitten. You said so yourself. Now it's time the world knew." 

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  1. Riff is HOT HOT HOT! His vulgarity just makes him real and REAL = HOT.