Monday, April 22, 2013

Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

Shy didn't have to grow on me at all like some of the other men Kristen has wrote about, some things he did though I didn't like but you could always tell how much he cares for Tabby, "Baby, I want you to rant, get that s*** out, process it so you can move on and have a good night, but you're processing it while ruining our dinner. Gotta say, I prefer it when you ruin our dinner while laughin' and smilin', not rantin' and ravin'." Seriously though Shy just does things to me I mean that boy is ALL 'alpha' "...stalked the three steps that separated them snaked an arm around her waist, drove a hand into the back of her hair, and hauled her into his arms. He slammed his mouth down on hers." He's protective, "do not even think of comin' into your girls house who, by the way is my woman high of your goddamned a** and spoutin' your mouth, so so stoked on blow, your effin' whiteout," he growled. "Calm your a** down." He's upfront about what he wants, "yeah, babe, and I like it that you like the way those words taste in your mouth, but I'd like it more if you'd shut up and kiss me." Hopefully we can see Rush's story I'm really curious about him. 

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