Monday, April 22, 2013

Law Man by Kristen Ashley

Good lord Mitch, "but what I want you to know is that I'd like you to come over but because you're shy, you gotta walk that breezeway, sweetheart. I'm tellin' you you're welcome but I made the first move, you need to make the next one. You with me here?" He's such a sweetheart. Mitch well I mean I know Mara's shy but dang boy no need to be rude, "I hope I got a little window into Mara World and this gets through because it's really effin' important," he growled, at least as angry as I was, maybe angrier. "I don't want to taste your pizza, Mara. I don't give that first eff about your pizza. Clue the eff in, sweetheart, before you wake up eighty-five years old and wonder where your life has gone." Good lord but he does know how to get me excited, "you jump outta my truck again before I've come to a complete halt, swear to God, baby, I'll turn you over me knee. You with me?" Oh yeah I'm with you. Good grief Mitch, "Jesus effin' Christ, baby you can kiss." He's sweet on his girl, "I'll go gentle, baby," he whispered against my lips. "I promise. You'll always be safe with me." Mara is protective of Mitch just as much as he is her, "'re loud, rude, bossy, and you insult" I lost it for a second then said, "My Mitch who's a nice guy, a good guy and you don't know him enough to insult him."

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