Sunday, April 21, 2013

Losing Me, Finding You by C.M. Stunich

This story isn't a fairytale, but name one motorcycle book that is. There were times I wanted to yell at both Amy and Austin, well mainly Austin. I loved being inside BOTH their heads, yes people we have duo point of views through out the book. How to explain Austin... um... yea there are no words for that boy, "let me take care of you baby. Whatever it is that's bothering you I'll help you forget." Let me rephrase my last statement, there are a few words I can think of, panty dropping, and protective, "honey, if you don't start talkin', I'm gonna get real worried and start breakin' faces. What the hell happened to you?" He can be crude, "tell me why I shouldn't just throw you over one of these tables and eff you?" Amy I think finds strength within herself thanks to Austin, "I just fought for you, so for now, at least, you're mine, too." Austin is changing as well, "but maybe I can make an exception for a pretty girl like you, especially one that's got the balls to tell me I'm hers." I mean Austin, I just loved him, I love all the male characters C.M writes about but Austin I think has to be my favorite, "if you want me to be exclusive," Austin whispered into my ear, grunting as he thrusts deep. "Then you're going to have to keep me satisfied, Sugar. Think you're up for it?" So in conclusion Austin and Amy meet each other at the right time of their lives and help each other figure s*** out about themselves, I liked the ending although I thought the story could go on a little bit more and ended too soon. 

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