Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ember X by Jessica Sorensen

Raven is something else haha, Ember should be glad to have a friend like her, "Are you just being a pain in the a** because you're here, or is your little death thing putting you in a bad mood?" Oh Asher you hunk, have such a way with words, "I know what you mean. All this," he motions at the people grinding against one another, "is an excuse for them to dry hump each other in public." Oh Asher, I think someone is flirting, "why does that surprise you? You're easy to talk to, beautiful, and you like cars." Then there's Cameron I'm telling you it's like the Vampire Diaries up in this joint, Cameron being Stefan (blonde hair that's why) and then Asher being Damon (has the dark hair look) I mean Cameron seems to know a few things I think, "the first thing you should know about me is that I hate secrets. They are pointless and request too much energy from an individual, unless the revelation of the secret brings pain to someone." Really you hate secrets but it seems like you're keeping one all to yourself Cameron that's a no no, "no, I said secrets were pointless unless they hurt someone." He picks up the pace and waves over his shoulder. "See you around, Ember." Mhmm... Asher still has my heart though, "I want to kiss you." His voice drops to a husky whisper as he leans in. "Please tell me I can kiss you...God please just say it." Someone's desperate. Who knew Asher was a naughty boy, "So do you want me to slide my hand up your thigh and put it in your wet..." I didn't like the ending, it wasn't what I expected but I still didn't like it. 

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