Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Love of Mine by Amanda Bennett

Really like how the book is in both Madison's and Kayla's point of views, I like knowing what each character is going through and thinking. Madison's grandpa reminds me of mine haha, "Don't you dare sit there and lie to me boy. Your lucky I don't hop down off this horse and give your a** a good whoopin. Now pick up your darn cigarette butts and get your a** back to that house and help your grandma. Obviously you can't be trusted to take care of something so small as a latch. Now get!" Okay well maybe mine wasn't that harsh but still reminds me of mine. I really did like Madison I mean the first time (or this time when he actually remembers meeting her) you see his protectiveness come out, "..but if a man was behind this, I would kill him. She was to beautiful of a girl to be treated so poorly." Oo-la-la Madison you're built aren't cha? "Immediately my eyes were drawn his jeans that were hung low and tight in all the right areas, emphasizing his delicious a**." My eyes kept scanning up the rest of his body just as his hand slid beneath his black v-neck shirt, exposing just enough of his six pack to make my mouth water." Freakin' cliffhanger come on Amanda way to kill me!! 

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