Monday, February 25, 2013

Cursed by R.K. Ryals

Where to begin? Oh I know how about when Hottie Luther comes into our story, yes I think that's a GREAT place to start, "He was sitting, leaning casually against the counter, one leg propped up, his arm flung across it. His other hand rested against the floor." Yes even his body language says 'Cocky Bastard' I love it!  Then he speaks which makes my case even more, "I'm trying to decide whether or no to remark on your current choice of employment or your delightful choice in underwear," Luther's deep voice drawled." So demon's in R.K. books have this ability to tattoo (mark) you and in the scene where Monroe finds out she's been 'marked' I found it seriously entertaining: 
                                     "Um, it's a tattoo of a black serpent curled around a thorny rose."
                                      "A freaking tattoo?" I hissed. "Seriously?" 
                                      A tramp stamp. Luther had given me a tramp stamp! The Demon was nothing if not dramatic.
Luther isn't really a bad 'demon' in this book I just don't think he was expecting someone like Monroe to start getting him to fell things. Monroe is a strong willed character she fights Luther every time they turn around, and truly she's starting to fall for the boy, gee I wonder who this reminds us of? (coughDaytonandMarcascough) "That's it?" I asked. "Your fascinated with me?" I laughed. "You would fight your mother for my soul out of fascination?" Yes his mama is back in this book honestly someone needs to kill the b****, my secret hope is Marcas, and Luther will team up and get rid of her once and for all. Did I mention some special people make a re-appearing appearance? No I don't think I did, BUT I can't really say WHO or WHY *winks* as it would give away the surprise! 

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