Monday, February 25, 2013

Unbroken by Jenny Phillips

Well we meet Chase's older brother Jackson in this book, I must say I like him, but I like Chase more. He seems like a cool guy (keyword people seems!) The first meeting between him and Morgan is funny: 
                                         "I swear I'm a cool guy." He held his hands up playfully. 
                                         "I'm sure you are," I said. 
                                         "No really, let's go do something. I'll prove it. Maybe earn your trust?" he bargained. "Oh! It's not that! I don't know you-"
We see Nolan grow some balls in this book I must say I'm really impressed with that, just not maybe how he came to grow those balls, "Fair? You used me as your own personal punching bag. You used me to get over Chase, didn't you?" He never gave me a chance to answer. "Then you just toss me, for him." He nodded in the direction Jackson had just gone. "His brother!" He shook his head. "And you'll use him too because you can't have what you want. You'll just keep stepping on people to get closer and closer to it! He's not Chase, and eventually you'll realize that! But I've finally figured it out and you won't use me anymore. I'm done with this!" To say the least I don't think Nolan was very happy with Morgan. Oh but I loved Chase even though I thought he was a total ass, then he swooped in when something goes wrong and becomes the Knight in shinning armor! The passion between Morgan and Chase is still there which I loved, "I answered him with a kiss and he sat up, leaning on his elbows, to deepen the kiss. Taking advantage of my weakness, he distracted me. Before I had time to react, he had me flat on my back, never even pulling me away from our kiss." He's still the sweet boy I loved from book one and truly I don't think I'll ever stop loving the boy, "Well, I should've at least taken you to," he paused awkwardly, "the bedroom." He looked embarrassed. "And locked the door," he threw in."  The cliffhanger wasn't as earth shattering as book one so I can now patiently wait for book three (who the hell am I kidding I can never wait patiently for a book) 

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