Monday, February 25, 2013

Angel Cuffs by Amanda Heath

This novella may be 16 pages long but let me tell you what I enjoyed all 16! Blu I loved being inside her head, that girl is a tell all, no filter, I don't give a shit kind of girl! "He's got this brownstone house right in the middle of the burbs. I mean where else would a drug dealing, paid killer, douche bag ass live?" You get my meaning her thoughts are her own. Kisten Mr. all alpha on your ass vampire woo baby!! He can light up my life if he wants, "It wasn't a guess, love. I've had you checked out since you know; you're going to kill me." He's not stupid either that vampire is a smart one. He's another that tells it like it is, and what he wants, I love a man like that, "And from now on you're to wear skirts. I can't bloody well f*** you in public with jeans on. Someone might see your girly bits." Did I mention he's English and possessive, "Once we f***, and I bite your neck, you will be mine. You are not allowed to touch another man without my permission." HOT! Of course Blu doesn't like to be called someone's property, "And what the hell is with the 'permission' thing? I'm not his goddamn property." I was getting into the story and then it ended and I cursed Amanda out, I mean I really did I'm like "THERE BETTER BE ANOTHER ONE COMING!" Yes ladies and gents there is another bookie coming in this series, I can't wait to read the next installment! 

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