Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Phantom By Laura DeLuca

Me loving "Phantom of the Opera" as much as Becca I knew I would love her right off, but it wasn't her that kept me interested in the book it was Tom and Lord Justyn who did with their banter back and forth and whose ego is bigger. "I'm sorry, Tom. I forgot a moment that you have a limited vocabulary. I'll make an effort to use only one-syllable words when you're around. What I was trying to saw was - maybe Becca's not interested in you." Well maybe it was more Lord Justyn who kept me entertained in the book then Tom he well he's ego his truly huge! Lord Justyn I really loved as he seemed so sweet and he knows the right thing to say, "Well, if you ever do decide to faint, Becca, I'd be more than happy to sweep you up and carry you away." There were a few heart stopping moments in the book which I liked but I don't think my heart did, but hey it made the book interesting. I can't wait for the second book to come! 




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  1. Thanks for the great review!! I'm so glad you enjoyed Phantom :)