Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lonely By Tara Brown

This book was naughty, naughty and an emotional roller-coaster. Wholly crap was it emotional! Everything that comes out of Sebastian's mouth I love, "Now stop trying to scare me off with talks of having kids and area rugs and shit. I'm not going anywhere." There were so many memorable characters and normally it's the hotties of the stories I fall in love with or find the most entertaining but this time is was our female main character Em/Sarah (yes having two names is confusing, but if you read the book you'll understand why.) She was...well she stuck out and I really liked that, "Since you messaged me this morning and told me to stop being a pain in the ass? Good." Then there was Eli who at times I want to kill but other times I just wanted to grab hold of that boy and NEVER let go. He had flaws yes, but when he was sweet the man was oh so sweet, "Never again. This isn't me leaving you. This is me choosing you." Did I mention there is NO CLIFFHANGER! It is a for for Ms. Brown I assure you!! 

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