Friday, January 25, 2013

Infinity by Sedona Venez

I loved Infinity right off, that girl sure can speak her mind, "And what type of trouble are we talking about? Trouble like my hair stylist broke her leg right before the concert and I'm reduce to have Zoe do my hair? Or BIG trouble like I might not make it to the concert due to death? And when that girl is pissed woo boy her mouth gets more crude and blunt (which I liked) "So you rough me around. Try to kill me. Press your freakishly big penis against me, and I'm supposed to smile pull down my panties and let you have at it?" Then there's a side of her that only Boulder can bring out, which I think is seriously cute! 
              "We were just making out like some horny teens. Have you no shame?"
               He widened his stance watching me frantically fix my hair and makeup. "None when it comes to you."
I didn't like the ending I thought it well ended to soon and I was sitting on my bed going WTF that's it!! Let me tell you what I cannot wait for book two to come out in this series as shit will be hitting the fan.  

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