Friday, January 25, 2013

A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis by Jillian Stone

I'm sure I just ought to just get a tape recorder because I say this over and over again but I really do love Jillian's books, I love going to an Era where there's no drugs, abuse and all the other negative things this one has. It's really quite an escape! The two main characters Rafe and Fanny have a history together so it was nice to see that Rafe (okay well not nice but Rafe is a typical guy) and admires women. "You've filled out nicely yourself." A slow gaze swept up and down. "In all the right places." The once scene that really got me going was when Fanny was taking a bath and Hugh was assisting her:
              "Why do you continue to believe Rafe cares for me?"
              "For one, he threatened to rip my balls from my scrotum should I dare scrub your back."
We also find out that Mr. Rafe has a secret well a couple but I would have NEVER seen one coming so I myself was as shocked as Fanny when she found out. I can't wait to read the next book in this series, these men are just desirable! 

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