Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dragon Squeeze by Eve Langlais

Adi really is not one for understanding the word no, it's like it doesn't exist in her vocabulary and if I'm being completely honest, or I should say if Dex is completely honest the man doesn't really mind, “again with that nasty use of the word no. I don’t get it. Are you saving yourself for marriage? I can respect that. We can always just indulge in oral instead.” Thank God for loose pants and a table." Dex honestly does not stand a chance when it comes to Adi and her mind being made up, “no, I’ll tell you what has to stop. It’s you, pretending you’re not totally into me. We both know you’re hot for me. I can see it.” His boxer shorts, worn for comfort to bed, displayed to perfection his interest." I loved this book, and I'm eager for the next one.

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