Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blood Script by Airicka Phoenix

James  doesn't like to share or have others look at what's his, "what she had was miles of already sexy as eff legs in eff me heels. “Because seeing you like that is not going to help anyone do their job. Seeing you like that is going to get someone hurt. Possibly killed if I get my hands on them.” The man says he doesn't have it in him to love, but what James doesn't realize is he has the potential, he's one step ahead by just admitting he do anything for Cora, “I will never be your white knight, Cora,” he whispered when it was over and they lay in a tangle of lax limbs. “But I will be your villain. I will be your monster. I will build for you, destroy for you. I will kill for you. I will protect you, but I’m not capable of love. No monster is.” I absolutely loved this book, James was everything, I want a James.

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