Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston

Poor Stieg, the man never knew what was coming with Erin involved, things just tend to happen real fast, "through an open window, he heard her get into the car and heard the vehicle drive off. Mouth open, his ***k still out, condom still on, Stieg looked around the room, until he demanded of whatever gods were listening, “What the eff just happened?” I really liked Stieg the man sometimes just wants some loving, even if he's asleep, "Erin woke up smothered. More than three hundred pounds of Viking muscle sprawled across her. “Great,” she muttered. “He’s a cuddler.” Stieg just has to put his foot down at times, “we still don’t have condoms, and with our luck we won’t die here, we’ll just end up going back home with you knocked up with some effing elf baby.” I enjoyed this book, I loved Stieg and Erin.

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