Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Moment of Madness by Brooklyn Skye

Ryan just can't get enough of Sailor, "Ryan shrugged, not budging from his position in front of her. “Not here to judge. Though if you are, I’ll save you the grief of finding someone and take you home right now.” Or into his back office. Without Vinny coming in tonight, that room would be empty all night." I really liked Ryan the man was sexy, "a wicked grin spread over his face as he finished shaving the last bit of hair at his jawline. “I’ve never had a woman tell me she wanted to taste my beef.”He rinsed the remaining shaving cream off his cheeks and dried them with a towel. Then he faced her in all his beefy glory. “It’s kind of a turn-on.” I really enjoyed this book.

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