Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rushing the Goal by Toni Aleo

I loved when Benji and Lucy were when together, Lucy can be a take charge, take no crap woman when she's wound up:
                         “Less talk, more do,” she demanded, and he chuckled against her goose-bumped skin.
                         “Maybe I want to talk about my feelings?” he said, pulling up and looking down at her flushed face.
                         “Feelings?” she asked, out of breath, arching into his hand.
                          “Well, here’s one: horny. I’m feeling effing horny, and if you don’t eff me, I’m gonna get myself off and go home.”
I loved Benji, he was kind, sweet, and he knew how to put a smile on his woman's face and he cared about her daughter and that was huge in my book, “That piece of ***t. Whatever, that’s fine. We’ll take her to Disney World, and you better believe I’ll make sure she sleeps in Cinderella’s castle.” I enjoyed this book I seriously loved Benji.

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