Sunday, March 27, 2016

How To Tame Beasts And Other Wild Things by A. Wilding Wells

Our boy Balthazar aka Beast has quite an eye-opening wake up call where Matilda is concerned, "Matilda is hanging laundry on the line out front. Knickers? Eff. She’s hanging her lacy knickers on the line? What am I going to do with her?" Drunk Matilda delusional, but damn she's entertaining, “speaking of hard.” She snickers, looking down at my tented briefs. “Wow. I take back my comment. I guess there is a man inside you after all. A very big man.” Our Beast can be quite a beast when he's in a mood, “I’ll be filling you, all right.” He opens his kilt to reveal his gorgeous erection. “Love, that smile of yours is about to get you effed hard.” I really loved this book, so much humor, innuendos, sex, and hotness of the Beast.

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