Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rocked by Love by Christine Warren

Dag is a headstrong male that boy always wants to get his own way, "another swift move had their positions reversed, and Kylie gazed up into a very smug, smiling face. “I told you , I do not wish to let you go, and as it happens I have a few ideas of my own regarding activities that you and I need to perform right away.” Just like his brothers when it comes to women Dag is entertaining, "Dag’s wings rustled, and his expression shifted from grim stoicism to clear confusion. “I do not understand what you speak of. Of course you bathe regularly, and what does my slumber have to do with any of this? I allowed an outsider to stumble upon us without knowing he approached, and I allowed him to see your nakedness. I should have guarded you better. The failure shames me.” I really like this series the men act like caveman and I love it.

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