Thursday, February 11, 2016

Outlaw Cowboy by Nicole Helm

Delia is one of those women who like to poke the bear, and Caleb makes a fine bear, “you look just fine the way you are,” she said, a sultry note to her voice. “Or are you worried about… shrinkage?” Ha! Like anything on him was shrinking right now. He looked around for something to cover himself" Delia isn't a patient woman especially when it comes to sex, so pushing Caleb's buttons seems to make him work faster, “I can give you compliments about your size later. Why don’t you put yourself to work?” I mean seriously the girl gets impatient and frustrated, “stop being so… noble about it!” She pushed him, but just enough so she could get her hands to the snap of her jeans. “Just eff me, okay?” She started pushing the pants over her hips, mumbling about him being an idiot . “All I want is an orgasm. The rest you can shut up about.” I enjoyed this book Delia was a spitfire which made her perfect for Caleb.

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