Saturday, February 27, 2016

More Than a Feeling by Sara Richardson

I liked Sawyer I thought he was a good guy, “sure.” Eyes on her face. Keep your eyes on her face , he reminded himself. Because underneath that wet shirt the woman had on a lacy bra that hid absolutely nothing. Not that she should hide anything, because damn…" Sawyer is like any other man, he wants his woman in as little clothing as possible, “I’ll surprise you.” Maybe Fiji? Hawaii? The thought of spending an entire week alone with Ruby holed up in some beach hut reignited the whole skinny -dipping fantasy. “I’m thinking somewhere tropical,” he said in a low voice, making sure it was close enough to her ear to give her some serious goose bumps. “So I can watch you walk around in a bikini for a week.” I really enjoyed this book.

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