Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Twisted Up In You by Dawn Martens

Cori has balls and I liked it, “of course I am. I’m not gonna stop eating my lunch just because my boss doesn’t like my lunch partner.” With that, she hangs up on me." Blake he likes to act rashly butbi don't think Cori minds, “I’m gonna eff you, and you’re gonna love it. You’ll be ruined forever. No man will come close to what I can do to you.” I crash my mouth down on hers, forcing her to open her mouth." Blake doesn't mind doing his woman's bidding at times, “figured we could give the wildlife something to talk about.” He is on me like a bear to honey before I can say more. Blake’s pants are down around his knees in an instant." The shower scene incident had me in giggles, “well? Is it broken? Will we ever be able to have sex again? Oh my God, please tell me we’ll be able to have sex again,” I say, starting to panic since this is taking forever." Alright I need Melissa and Dray's book and Clara and Adam's. My mind is just a spinning need those books fast lol.

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