Sunday, January 24, 2016

Taking the Score by Kate Meader

Emma is quite sassy and spunky, and I loved it, “what? Just because you were inside me does not make us betrothed, you Neanderthal jerk.” From the start Emma and Brody had spark, and chemistry between them and one scene got me all in giggles and it included Emma's cat:
                “Please, Kev. I’m here now. I’m sorry I left you for so long .” Over her shoulder, she found Brody riveted to her hitched-high a**.
             “Yet again, you’re shoving your a** in my general direction and questioning my reaction.”
Christ Brody all alpha is sexy, “it’s Brody, Emma. My ***k has been inside you and knows you really effing well. I think you can call me Brody.” I enjoyed this book.

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