Sunday, January 24, 2016

See You at Sunset by V. K. Sykes

Micah is a sweet, flirty, sexy man:
               “You have the most beautiful a** in the history of the world,” Micah said in a husky voice.
              “Well, you’re certainly getting a good view of it,” she joked.
             “And feel of it,” he said, applying a gentle squeeze.
Got to give Holly props for holding back on her animal urges, "Micah blinked at her, looking a bit stunned. He also looked wickedly delicious, wearing nothing but a pair of black gym shorts. Holly had to repress the impulse to fan herself as she took in his awesome body, remembering how wonderful all those hard muscles had felt when the two of them were naked in bed." I really enjoyed this book, this is a great series I love small town books.

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