Friday, January 1, 2016

Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart by Samantha Grace

Regina can tempt her man, "she slid her hand to his chest and detected the violent throbbing of his heart. “Then make the trouble I’ve gotten myself into worth it.” Xavier murmured something in French—something similar to a prayer." I loved the chemistry between Xavier and Regina:
                          Her coiffure was beyond repair and a rosy pink stained her cheeks. “Do I look injured?”
                         He grinned. “You look well-shagged.”
                         “Well-shagged indeed.” Her smile widened to show a flash of white teeth. “Is it improper to wonder when we can do it again?”
                        “Probably,” he teased. “Thank God I didn’t marry a proper wife”
I loved this book I can't wait for the other sister to get a book of their own.

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