Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to Handle a Scandal by Emily Greenwood

Tommy was seriously a butt at times, “and yet I prefer not to. I am your husband, after all. And you’ll be behind a screen. Besides, it’s not as if I haven’t already seen most of you.” Though not all, not anywhere near as much as he wanted, and the knowledge plagued him constantly." Tommy was just dumb at times I felt that as long as he got what he wanted he was all happy but what about Eliza? Didn't he care about her at all? Yeah there were hot moments between them, “I’ve been looking at you all day in that dress,” he said, “and thinking about touching what’s under it.” He put his hands on the hem and pushed the dark pink fabric upward, sliding his hands over her stockings. She drew his shirt out of his breeches and pulled it over his head," but I could feel my heart breaking. I almost cried in some scenes what the hell is wrong with Tommy can't he grow balls and not be selfish that's what ive been thinking throughout this whole book thank Chrsit Eliza grew some lady ball, "her hands pulled into fists at her side. “With me being the only one who really wants the baby. Why are you making this so hard? You don’t want a baby. It was my idea, my choice for the future awaiting me. For you it was just fun to oblige me.” I liked the ending got their heads out of their butts and I was pleased.

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