Thursday, December 10, 2015

Growl by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, A. C. Arthur

Legal Wolf's Mate:
Gavin is quite the he-man alpha, "“any idea where she is?” Getting a coffee? The newspaper? Perhaps gone for a jog or a walk? Waking up beside a dead man? Because anyone touching my woman is asking for it. Lawyers called it justifiable cause." Megan has some tricks up her sleeve when it comes to handling her man, "...he’d tried to say no. Several times as a matter of fact. Then she leaned in close, placed a hand high up on his thigh, and whispered, practically against his lips, “I’m going, and you can’t stop me. So either we go together, or I go alone.” The thought of his woman working in a strip club brings out the animal inside him, "Gavin’s fist struck the counter before he could stop it, and he growled, “Megan won’t be working here. I forbid it.” I really loved this book.
Feral Passions:
Brad is a sexy man, "she pushed herself to a sitting position and he glanced up and grinned at her. “Dinner might be a few minutes late tonight,” he said. “I’m starting with my appetizer.” Cain and Brad are sexy alone but put them together and it's a whole heatwave, “oh, yeah. For you, sweetheart, only the best.” Cain slipped his arms around her waist. Brad paused as he passed behind her and hugged her from the back. She felt his lips nuzzling that sensitive spot behind her ear, Cain’s beard tickling her jaw." I love when two men get together with a woman it's seriously sexy.
The Alpha's Woman:
Blaez is alpha in all sense of the word, “don’t,” he said in a warning tone. “Don’t ever compare me to anyone else you’ve known. I’m better and stronger than they are.”He leaned even closer to her, so close she thought he might kiss her. “And when they come for you, which we both know they will, they’ll catch my scent all over you. That, Miss I-can-do-whatever-I-want, will keep your fine a** alive! And then, when it’s over, you can thank me.” I hope the other men get a book they were great characters and I loved them just as much as Blaez.

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