Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Billionaire Takes a Bride by Jessica Clare


I'm thinking Sebastian is liking costume parties now especially with the costume his woman has on, "... her dress was slightly open in the front, revealing some enticing cleavage, and her a** was incredible in the spanky panties she wore underneath her teeny skirt. He was a guy. He couldn’t help it if he was aroused at the sight of a sexy woman, even if she’d friend-zoned him. “Nice outfit.” Sebastian is a caring type of man, you couldn't help but fall in love with him, “can I sleep with you tonight?” At his surprised look, she added, “I’m a little freaked out about the new room and I know you’re safe.” Sebastian studied her face, then nodded, opening the door a bit wider." Sebastian is the man when it comes to his woman:
                           “We can cuddle so damn hard it’ll wear a hole in the blankets.”
                          She gave a teary giggle at that, and moved to undo the handcuffs. “I don’t think that’s how you cuddle.”
                         “Eff it. We’ll make our own rules. Just don’t cry, all right?”
I loved this book, Sebastian is my favorite man so far.

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