Sunday, October 4, 2015

Just Desserts by Marquita Valentine


I loved Daisy, she kept me entertained, “what about sex?” she blurted, her cheeks heating and her hand falling away. “I mean, you don’t expect sex. I mean, you’re not paying me for sex. I don’t have sex for money. Sex is free with me.” She couldn’t stop saying ‘sex’ and there was no one around to duct-tape her mouth shut. “But we’re not a real couple, so our sex would be fake sex.” Sebastian says the most romantic things, “I could eat you for hours,” he murmured and she flushed hot. “Make you come on my tongue and my fingers, over and over until you couldn’t take it. Then I’d thrust inside of you, make you come on my ***k. I’d come inside you, yeah? Fill you up, until it ran down your thighs. You’d be mine.” I really loved this book I love me some British men.

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