Sunday, October 4, 2015

Be Mine by Marquita Valentine


When it comes to doing activities with his woman Liam is a fast-growing man, “shower, eat, shag. Not necessarily in that order.” He pulled out of her, and then rose from the sofa. “I’m a flexible man.” Liam really is a good guy and the boy is whipped:
                         “I’ll buy you a gown,” he said softly, reminding her of the man she first met.
                        “I’d rather you buy me flowers.”
                        His head dipped. “Whatever my duchess wants.” Then he kissed her, and she melted into him.
He knows how to make some sexy promises, “I’ll work on it. You won’t regret marrying me. I’ll give you respect, friendship, amazing sex, and more children, if you like.” When one's man is in a kilt you ogle the **** out of him, "she didn’t have to look away. Liam and his bare behind were hers. If she wanted to bite or smack one of his cheeks, she could and he, the lusty man, would probably order her to do it again." Out of the whole series this one was my favorite.

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