Saturday, October 10, 2015

Every Time He Leaves by Anna Karington


Lana is a good woman, she just likes to hide it with her b**** personality, she's also really caring, “get out of those boxers,” I insist. He hesitates, as if he doesn't want to be rude. “Seriously? I've seen you naked.” I yank them down for him, and he lifts his feet as I remove them. “Now sit down.” He obeys, and I sit beside him, preparing the peroxide and tissue before dabbing the wad across his forehead. “You clumsy b*****d,” I mutter. Jarek that boy doesn't care where they are could be looking at an empty condo, if he wants his woman he's going to have his woman, “you naughty boy,” I say. He unfastens his pants and pulls them down his legs with his boxers, revealing his hard erection. “Oh my God,” I say as heat rushes to my face." I really enjoyed reading this book.

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