Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dirty Lies by Emma Hart


I seriously love mama Burke she knows how to put her boys in their places, “and you! Sit your a** down, boy.” She moves her pointing finger to my bed, and I take three steps back and perch on it. “I raised you better than this. I raised all y’all better than this. I know this lifestyle and your . . . manager . . . sometimes makes you forget how to behave yourself, Aidan, but I’ll be damned if you’re gonna stand under my roof and talk about Jessie like that. A girl you’ve known almost your whole sorry life. I couldn’t give your father’s left testicle if you don’t like her or if y’all are still fighting from grade school. But if you’re gonna go through with this silly plan, you’re sure as hell gonna treat her like a lady and not a piece of trash. And that means takin’ off that goddamn T-shirt, pressin’ a shirt until it’s crisper than bacon on a Sunday mornin’, and watchin’ your mouth when you’re out with her.” Aidan doesn't care where he is when he wants his woman he wants his woman, “he’s also learned that beds aren’t necessary.” I perch her on the edge of the marble-topped island. “And that this house needs christening, and that should happen effing immediately.” I loved this book, there's only one more Burke brother to go before the series ends.

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