Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chance of a Lifetime by Marissa Clarke


Chance is a funny, funny man, he was just so damn sexy, "he cleared his throat. “Honey, there’s something in my pants, and if you don’t turn loose of where you’re holding me, it might jump out at us, too.” Chance is a good man, he teaches his woman the ways of skinny dipping, "she snuggled closer to his body for warmth. He groaned as their skin made greater contact. “Not that. You’re doing that just right, but this.” He snapped her bra against her back. “You’re technically not skinny-dipping. You have on the equivalent of a swimsuit.” There are times Gen just wants her man and she has to enforce it, “agreed, but we—” He cut off as she leaned forward and ran her tongue up his sternum. “Uh, we…” She circled his nipple with her tongue. “Gen. Seriously.” I loved this book Chance was a great man and Gen was one fierce woman.

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