Thursday, September 3, 2015

The CEO by Shealy James

I knew Grant and Eve were going to keep me entertained just the way they act toward each other, "his grip tightened on my hip. “You told her about me.” I wanted to slap that smug grin off that handsome face of his..." Grant is a sexy man, his words do things to ladies panties, “you think my suit is sexy?”The deep voice came from behind me before his chest pressed against my back. My eyes closed, wishing away the embarrassment. For the record, it didn’t work. He chose then to lean closer to my ear and whisper. “Your dress is pretty effing sexy if you ask me. It would look great on the floor of my penthouse.” The hand that snaked its way to my waist..." I liked this book, I even enjoyed Grant's overbearing attitude at times.

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