Thursday, September 3, 2015

Brand by Sierra Cartwright

I really liked Cade, "he couldn’t help but grin at that. “Are you calling me a man****e?” Cade really isn't a patient man, "eff him three ways from Sunday. He wanted her. Hard. Fast. Beneath him. Kneeling for him. And he wanted it now, not several days from now." There are times Sofia gets surprised where her man is concerned, "she eased the denim from him, then the boxer briefs. “Damn,” she said. His ***k was erect, throbbing. “It’s… You’re well-endowed.” Cade is cautious to make sure nothing of his woman's disappear:
                   She peeled off her panties, and said, “My undies don’t go in your pocket.”
                  “I’d hate for them to get lost,” he replied, ignoring her words and her scowl.
I enjoyed this book, Case was sexy and alpha, Sofia was sassy, and strong.

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