Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Captain's Christmas Bride by Annie Burrows

Typical man of course Alec blames his woman on things, ‘then what the hell was all that… fondling about? You cannot deny you got me all primed up before leading me out here.’ Alec could be a sweet man, ‘aye. Before. That is how a husband should bed his wife, I think.’ He shook his head ruefully as he turned her to one side, so that he could undo the ties at the back of her dress. ‘Not hard, and fast, as though her own pleasure is of no account.’ Jesus he could be so sexy, ‘you promised to obey me, woman,’ he growled provocatively, rolling her into the centre of the bed and pinning her down. ‘And I promised to cherish you. I cannot have you leaving this room until you look…’ He ground into her with his hips. ‘Sufficiently cherished.’ I really enjoyed this book, I loved Alec.

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